Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dayquil rides again

Had one of those weeks -- everything at work took longer than usual (always frustrating) and waiting for news about dad’s various tests was stressful – as was getting up at five this morning to be on the road at six to get to Buffalo in time to deal with dad at the hospital. Poor night owl me ;-)

But, thanks to Dayquil, I made it to my knitting group on Monday (although I missed Thursday’s after taking the day off sick from work) and to services Friday night, where there was one of my favorite speakers, followed by a relaxing meal with a couple friends and two other guests. As much of a rush as Shabbos staring Friday night can be, it is a wonderful way to end the week and start the next one!

One interesting side note: I discovered the hard way that Nyquil no longer seems to have a decongestant in it, because of the changes to formulas brought on by people using OTC cold medicines to make icky illegal drugs. So I got very little sleep Wed. night, snuffling away.

One of the other reasons it has been an icly week is that today is the second anniversary (by the English/secular calendar) of the day Mum died – not sure Dad has realized that so I haven’t said anything, as he’s already feeling discouraged about the whole accident and slow recovery and the things he’s missed doing that he was looking forward to……..

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