Monday, November 13, 2006

A Condiment Post

Time for a condiment post - you know, where I catch up. Might even do it with relish. {Pause while the audience groans........}

Last week was crazy busy -- for example, I had to choose amongst 4 different possibilities of things to do on Thursday, (and this week I have a different 3 things on Thursday........). How do I get myself so overcommitted? (The voice in my head is rambling on about being one's mother's daughter.............)

Since I have only one sick day left for the year, I gave in and scheduled a glucose tolerance test for Saturday a.m., even though I don't normally do things like that on Shabbat. My elbow is still sore, after having been stuck 5 times over 4 hours. And then I slept the afternoon away..... and the evening away (I'd hoped to dye some yarn, now that the weather has turned cooler)..... and Sunday morning. Didn't used to be so hard to recover - this hitting 40 takes some getting used to!

On the knitting front, I may be the queen of UFOs. I stopped counting at 23. That's bad. I think I'm going to go on a new project diet until I finish a few of these. It's just I get so many ideas in my head that are about to burst I start a project instead of doing something like writing it out...... and I end up with a pile of 23 UFOs.

Saw Yael yesterday - the highlight of the week. Had a nice long chat -- no pressure, no one needing anything from me, no phone ringing...... That's what good friends are for!

Yesterday was my shul's annual cocktail recption (one of 2 major fundraisers for the year), which was at a fancy place out on the Main Line. Excellent food, funny speaker, lots of people it was nice to see. Even though I don't do big crowds well, I'm glad I went.

And how far back do I need to go? I mentioned that I went to Stitches. I did find the camera (its location waaaaay back under the sofa was definitely her fault) but the battery is in the recharger, so pictures of the loot need to wait until the batteries have some juice. I stayed under budget and got several things it will be very nice to play with after I finish a few of the current WIPs.

A week ago yesterday, my friend-to-be-named-later came over and we continued the great curtain project. Nice to get more done on her curtains, and very nice to have a chance to talk.

A couple piffle friends have been bitten by the genealogy bug, so helping them a bit has spurred me to get back to work on my own a bit (family group sheets and pedigree charts having been buried -- literally! -- under knitting patterns and halacha books), so I managed to find in the 1850 census someone I'd been looking for (left his 1st wife and a couple kids in MA while he settled on the IL/WI line and had a second family). Bit by bit, I'm filling in the nagging holes.

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Polly said...

Oh I know what you mean on the UFOs I am seriously thinking about not only getting rid of some UFOs but also some serious stash decreasing.