Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh Wow!

Oh wow!

That's all I can say.

I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool show yesterday.

Oh wow!

An entire county fairgrounds full of wool, sheep, lambs, goats, alpacas, needles, looms, spinning wheels, and more.

Oh wow!

First, I managed to not get a sunburn. (Yes, that is very important. I usually don't manage that.)

Also managed to stay under budget on what I bought. (OK, so I was only 2.47 per cent under budget but I made it......!!!!!!!! But I had enough left over to get supper on the way home at a kosher place in Bawlmer.) I'd decided before I got there that I wouldn't buy anything that I could find at a LYS fairly easily and I stuck with that, which helped a little (but only a little) the decision making.

Got there, wandered around for a couple hours scoping out the place, then went back and bought the things I wanted:

And the details:
Mongolian camel 50g/304 yds (3 dark tan)
Leicester Longwool 4 oz. 3 skeisn (2 shades of blue, one mauve)
Wensleydale Longwool (Yorks.) 100g/175 yds (2 slate blue)
Cotswold organic wool 50g Aran wt. (2 natural)
Wool/mohair blend 4 oz skein in charcoal, 8 oz. skein in light grey
Shetland wool 2 ply lace weight 30g skein (4 grey, on sale: 6 navy)
Alpaca 8 oz/750yds medium wt. (1 medium tan)
Wool 100 gram/475yds (1 purple heather, 1 ivory, 1 grey) and 50g (med. purple heather)
Kid mohair 8oz/500 yards (variegated: purple, mauve, blue, yellow, khaki) [This was expensive but I fell in love with it......actually making a shawl for myself from it.]
Briggs & Little wool (on sale!) 4 oz./215 yd (3 skeins of a purply mauve)
Mountain SHepherdess lamb wool 4 oz(2 skeins variegated purples)

Copy of photo with notes at Flickr.

So, fibre-y boys and girls, join me in starting to save for next year. MSW is the first full weekend in May, so let's plan ahead ;-)

Wondering if I have the patience to try Orenberg lace.......

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Philly Farmgirl said...

Awesome ain't it! You sound like you had an illegal amount of fun! Glad to hear it! Awful proud of you and keeping pretty close to the budget. ;-)