Sunday, April 30, 2006

Times flies!

It has been a very busy month. Of course, any month with Pesach is going to be busy. Add a visit from Dad and things popping at work, and I guess it has been a bit since I posted.

Pesach has always been one of my two favorites holidays. Yup, even as a child it ranked right up there with Christmas. In fact, I remember being 10 or so and having that 'is this all there is?' feeling the night of 12/25, and wondering how long until Pesach.

I'm not a fanatic about cleaning (I've internalized that dust isn't chametz) but I do try to do a decent job of it - and one nice thing about Pesach being late on the secular calendar is that I can combine Pesach cleaning and the 'spring/open the windows and air the place out' cleaning.

Went to seders with 2 different sets of friends. One just starting observance (so I ended up being about the most knowledgable person there -- despite being the only non-Jew) and the otehr with a very yeshivish family. Quite the contrast but both wonderful.

Dad came to visit, first going to Ted's, where I met him (Seth dropped me off on the way to NC) and then here. While at Ted's we went to the new part of the Air and Space Museum out by Dulles and saw the planes/etc. there - including the space shuttle Enterprise. Very nice. Also went to the National Gallery of Art and did the Mum memorial walk through the impressionist room. That was a bit hard but we had to do it sometime.

While Dad was here, we saw my cousin and her family, and I was able to give her the shawl I made with all the purple scraps from Mum's stash. It definitely looked more purple in real life.


Dichroic said...

Nice shawl. And if it's all your mother's yarn and your handiwork, I suspect it will be a treasure to your cousin.

cecily said...

Welcome to SP8 from your new hostess. Please check your email, from cecilysp8 AT hotmail DOT com, and I'll be able to send you your match as soon as I hear from you. :)