Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm in trouble....

So, as my friends and family know, I am NOT a morning person. Anything before 10 a.m. or so is sketchy/questionable for me. And, yes, you need to know that to understand this ;-)

So I've been taking the same route to work everyday for a year, arriving at 8 a.m. (although I take a different route home, which is my excuse for the story I'm telling about what I've missed for so long -- seriously!). The first stretch of my route is about 5 miles of limited access highway, then there's a similar length of suburban sprawl before I turn onto a back road for about a mile to wind my way around to the back of the corporate complex I work in.

The suburban sprawl is like most such stretches in the northeast: many small little shopping plazas along each side of a two to four lane road (3 lanes most of the way: one in each direction, with a center turning lane) with 3 to 10 stores interspersed with the occasional big box store (Home Depot in this case) and a smattering of fast food restaurants.

Given my usual morning blurriness (I try to schedule routine mindless tasks for the first hour or so that I'm at work, until the caffeinated tea kicks in), I've paid very little attention to what is in the little plazas, especially the ones where the stores are on mini-courts perpendicular to the street, with only a small series of very small signs at roadside.

So where am I going with all this? Well, through a web search Saturday evening, I discovered that there is a yarn shop in one of these little plazas, a five minute drive from my office. Not open Sunday or Monday, so I had to wait until yesterday at lunch [pout].

Oh, am I ever in trouble! Now, I can leave a bookstore without buying anything (she can attest to that, having seen it more than once in real life -- and not just for stores where the books were only in Hebrew.......) but a yarn store ? Nu-unh. I'm sunk. Kaput. Finished.

I did resist one type I saw from across the store -- the color was amazing! But it was a silk/angora mix: $33/skein.

So I guess I need to admit to be a yarnaholic (or maybe what I saw on one t-shirt: a yarn slut. But if I am, I'm a classy one, at least if the final bill at the yarn shop yesterday is an accurate measure......)

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