Monday, February 06, 2006

And in deeper trouble ;-)

I had a fairly quiet/peaceful weekend, which was nice, as last week has been less than peaceful. Nothing but, just nagging little things topped by my more-cranky-than-I'd-like attitude.

So I went to see a sappy romantic chick flick Saturday evening, which was nice -- a good enough movie that I didn't feel cheated but not terribly intellectually taxing, either.

Sunday morning, I headed out to a LYS I hadn't been to before (as it is off my usual routes, and a bit off the beaten path.....I actually missed it the first time I drove by); it is one of the few around here open on Sunday. It turns out to be only a 25 minute drive away, mostly along nice-ish country roads.

Completely unbeknownst to me, the shop was having a Super Bowl party: 30% off EVERYTHING. I significantly increased the stash. Despite the crowded store (wall-to-wall, it was......), it was a very nice atmosphere. Even with the crush of people, the staff was very helpful.

What I got:
  • 4 skeins Wildfoote wool/nylon sock yarn [2 purple, 2 blue; I want to get into making socks]
  • 5 skeins Inca Alpaca (3 black, 1 off-white, 1 specled]
  • 5 skeins Plymouth Encore acrylic/wool [washable! for a baby blanket] in shades of blue
  • 5 skeins Cascade wool [3 blue, 1 dark mauve, 1 light mauve]
  • 4 skeins Nashua handspun 25% alpaca, 25% mohair, 50% wool [2 dark, 1 medium, 1 light brown; probably will end up being something for Dad]
  • 5 skeins Miracle 50% alpaca 50% tencel [1 purple, 2 dark pink, 1 mauve, 1 cream]
  • some bamboo needles in sizes I didn't have
When I got home from Unraveled, Seth had gotten home from the meeting where he was the special guest speaker at the First Day School, and he was sound asleep. So I didn't wake him up until after I'd integrated the new yarn into the stash ;-) When he was vertical and aware (the two are not always synonymous), we discussed evening plans. He was surprised (and a wee bit dismayed) that I planned to watch the football game. I think he is still a bit surprised that he married someone who actually understands and likes sports (even though I prefer hockey to football.......). He was amused when I commented that (if nothing else) watching the game gave me a good excuse to knit.

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