Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In these multi-cultural times..........

On the way to work this morning, I glimpsed something a bit unusual. Out here in the almost-exurb suburbs of Philadelphia, the Jewish presence is very slight (although in the closer- in suburbs and the city itself there is a fairly large and increasingly active Jewish population).

But on either the Blockbuster Video or the Carraba's Italian Grill (I didn't see it in time to slow down and figure out which), there was a large Magen David; it looks like it is made up of bright lights.

I expect a tinsel-y menorah on the Borders in Wynnewood, with its large Jewish population. I don't expect a Star of David out in this area.

And, even more surprisingly, there were no other outside decorations.

On the other hand, maybe whichever business put it up got it because the store was out of other types of Christmas stars........

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Dichroic said...

There was also a large dreidel in the Philly airport. Funny, though: my perception is that the Jewish population there is less large, active, and organized than it once was. Part of this, though, is because my parent's neighborhood is much Jewish than it used to be, and I know that's part of a cyclical move. My grandparents grew up in Jewish neighborhoods in South and SW Philly, then moved as the beighborhood changed to Jewish neighborhoods in West Philly, where they had my parents, who then moved as the neighborhood changed to the Northeast. I think most of the people I went to school with who stayed in the area are now either in the burbs or moving back to downtown to start the cycle over.

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