Friday, November 18, 2005

Books, books, and more books

Just recently, the office mailboxes were rearranged, with the result that I can no longer see mine while sitting at my desk. It was a nice set-up for lazy me while it lasted.

However, the receptionist/secretary who sorts the mail is very nice, and she'll bring packages into me. Today, I had two different book orders arrive. I bought this and this new, while this one was used (and very cheap!).

Something truly scary to contemplate is the number of items on my Amazon wish list -- after a recent culling of things borrowed from the library or bought used, I'm down to 219 items, with probably 175 of those books (the other are DVDs and such).

One of my ongoing projects is using Readerware to catalogue my books. Hope it helps to keep track of what I have.

Biblioholically yours........

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